Our Story - How We Arrived in Your Bag

Our mission is to create and build the performance golf brand of choice for the PGA professional and the patrons of their shop.

In 2007, Christopher Carnahan joined Pinemeadow Golf Products, Inc., a privately owned golf manufacturer in Portland, Oregon. His knowledge of how a golf club should look, feel and perform, was quickly absorbed by the company. A year later, his interest and relentless pursuit in club design led him to seek out lines and research the clubs that performed at the highest level. Chris worked closely with the foundries to develop a line that would reflect the timeless design and focus initially on the putter.

The vision for the boutique line of wedges and putters was a long time in the making. Carrying over vintage concepts and designs from club makers of the past and fusing the modern metals and technology from foundries today is what makes the Carnahan Golf line unique and timeless.

Flavor 1

Milled flatsticks. C. Carnahan was created in 2008 with the release of the Insignia putter line. His inspiration for the Insignia was the combination of his favorite putters he played while in college and on tour. Alterations were made for the golfer who aspired to improve their game. Extra weight was added to increase the feel throughout the putting stroke. The top line width was adjusted to improve the sight line along with a deep milling to the face to improve the roll with every putt. All putters are named after bridges in our home city of Portland.

Forged wedges. Captivated by the visual design process, Christopher was compelled to create another line that would tie into the Insignia putter line and improve the short game of every player. The transition moved to an impressive line of forged wedges that carried extra head weight, vintage look with a modern sole grind developing the best feel, spin, control and look available. Our Vintage forged wedges were released in the summer of 2009 with an amazing response from golfers who tested them on the course.

Why Boutique?

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Our golf brand is intertwined with the meaning of “Boutique” in numerous ways.

We pride ourselves in being a specialized golf equipment brand, whose independence allows for an unparalleled approach to design, sales and service. Our collections lack the feeling of mass production, while retaining the designer’s touches across the brand. The elite price tag is the one myth in the term boutique. Uniquely enough we are able to sell quality for less. Lifestyles that are drawn to visual captivation through design, photography and art would admire our collections.

The brand’s passion for the game of golf influenced our initial product, but our founding commitments to the brand will allow C. Carnahan to be the brand of choice for real golfers.

Influence. Growing up on the golf course and as a player, my first impression of what made the equipment special was the connection the clubs had to the players and the sense of community associated with other people who appreciated quality craftsmanship. The conversations about equipment and my early memories on the course grounded my belief in choosing equipment that featured an intimate story behind it.

Design. The basic idea was to design a product for elite performance and a timeless look. Like many golfers, I grew weary of the overdone designs, gimmicky features, and loud looks that do very little to increase performance. I worked on a vintage design that is inspired by the game’s history and traditional aesthetics. The design is truly from a players’ perspective with a focus on quality and playability.

Loyalty. In today’s world, golfers have more options than ever before to purchase equipment from. Big box retailers and discount chains are now big competition for on course pro shops. The trend places more pressure on all retailers to promote a new club every 3 months and takes away the focus on what truly helps the golfer’s play. For many clubs I see in the marketplace, the experience for the player is impersonal. I wanted a line of products that would showcase a vintage look and allow the golfers an option for a timeless look they can trust, that doesn’t need to be flashy and constantly changing.

Service. One on one service from a real person when you need it is what separates Carnahan Golf from other brands. We are here to help you figure out how to customize your equipment to optimize playability and performance.

Ask about the C. Carnahan line of Vintage forged wedges and Insignia milled putters, available at local retailers near you.