“As a PGA golf professional, I am afforded almost any wedge for my personal use from all the major brand golf club companies. When the USGA and PGA changed the rules on grooves specifications for competition, I had six major club makers send me conforming wedges to work into my set. When I finished my trials on all the wedges, the Carnahan Wedges fit my eye and my feel above all the others.” —Sean Arey, Head Golf Professional - Trysting Tree Golf Club
“The C.Carnahan forged wedges are versatile and perform well in the various turf and difficult bunker conditions at PGC.” —John Grothe, Director of Instruction - Portland Golf Club
“I give hundreds of custom club fittings a year, and I can honestly say that I have found the Carnahan wedges are groove for groove as good as any brand name product on the market.” —Adrian Burtner, Director of Instruction - Columbia Edgewater Country Club
“I noticed the attention to detail in the design and the enthusiasm behind the product. One my favorite things about this line is the local flavor. Being part of something that is growing in our own back yard is a big selling factor for us.” —Kevin Swartout, Assistant Golf Professional - The Reserve Vineyards and Golf Club
“We sell a lot of wedges in our shop. We have found that the Carnahan wedge performs as well if not better than the much higher priced name brands. If you want a high performance wedge at an affordable price then you have to have a Carnahan wedge!” —John Kawasoe, PGA Head Professional - Astoria Golf and Country Club
“It was great to be able to put a great looking forged wedge back in my bag.” —Kirby Pert Jr, PGA Head Professional - The Palms Golf Club
“Last year in 2010 C.Carnahan came to the 35th Annual Haggin Oaks Golf Expo in Sacramento. His booth was not only overwhelmed with 21,000 people coming to the 3 day outdoor show he was also written up in the Sacramento Bee our local newspaper that weekend as one of the new and upcoming brands for the future of golf. We are very proud to now carry C. Carnahan products in our 15,000 sq. ft. Super Shop and know that the partnership we have developed with C. Carnahan will continue in years to come.” —Jane Sieber, Haggin Oaks Golf Complex
“These wedges as I am lucky to have all 3 are flawless and truthfully are the best look I have seen in a long-time. Chris has taken the best of what is pure… as well as forgiving and technologically advanced and put it into a wedge. These are worth every penny and if you are in the market for something new or simply have the urge like me to put the best equipment for the best price in your bag, don’t wait. Chris and I played golf at Oregon, together and his line is perfect for the competitive golfer and the average guy. Buy ’em, play ’em and love ’em!” —Ben A. (Everyday Golfer)